Shipping & Returns

No returns on specific items i.e Underwear and accessories ONYLY Exchange and store voucher available to the product which is not used, and product is on good condition as it purchased before. EXCHANGE should be made within 7 days maximum exchange is 14 days. The store voucher will be valid to the minimum of 12 month.

The purchased product will be shipped as soon we process your order. from the time you purchase your product. There will be a shipping cost as customer decide i.e standard delivery and fast delivery which will cost different as some time the the shipping cost will vary to the over seas orders. And for UK will be within 7 working days and over seas the shipment will cost more according to the shipping company. There will be an offer to all orders which exceed 100 POUNDS of free shipping this will be only available to the UK only.

Is EVERY BODY KNOW EVERYBODY, (Loyalty to our customers) That means our customers will get chance or will be able to trade their own shoes to different people what they need to do is to contact #Mavazi customer services and #Mavazi club will tell them about this conner. They will be able to put price they want on shoes (product). Mavazi Club job is to certify and verify the SHOES if is on re-salable condition. The Shoes need to be in GOOD condition as it been bought from other or previous stores plus the proof of purchase to be submitted along side the shoes. The terms of this service will be discussed through e-mails submitted to our customer service.

The idea of this service is to help out our customer to trade their shoes as some shoes they have, they did not be able to return on time to the store purchased previously due to the shortage of time, or unwanted gift, or wrong size, they bought shoes by mistakes and they realize they do not need them any more etc.

Means Health and Wealth.

Green form orange is reflect MONEY, Yellow means GOLD and diamond shining. When you ware our product (orange) you reflect the Health people with capability of being RICH at any time through the energy from the fruits. And our MOTTO is POWER and MONEY (RICHNESS from the Block) .

MAVAZICLOTHING: is upcoming Urban brand with aim of bring up the fresh style and design for our Generation (Mission Statement for MAVAZI).